Creating an Account

When a Show Admin invites you to a show for the first time you will be sent an email prompting you to create a Pac Post Live account. To create this account follow these steps:

If this email does not show up in your inbox, please also check your spam folder

  1. Check your email for the invitation email. If this email does not show up in your inbox, please also check your spam folder

  2. In this email please note two items: a. Link to proceed to Pac Post Live Login b. Temporary Password - This is a system generated password used for your first login

  3. Copy the Temporary Password to your clipboard for later use.

  4. Click the Link in the email to proceed to

  5. Type in the email address that your invite was sent to in the E-mail field.

  6. Paste the Temporary Password into the Password field.

  7. Below the Sign In button you will find our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Subscription Agreement, after reviewing these check I agree.

  8. Click Sign In. You should receive an SMS message on your mobile device with a one time code, please make note of this code.

  9. On the following page type in the code you received on your mobile device and click Verify Code.

    1. If you do not receive a SMS message to your mobile device, you may click the Receive a Call to have an automated system call you and provide a verification code to you over the phone.

  10. On the next page you will set your password. Type in a password ensuring that it meets all of the criteria listed on the page. Then re-type the same password in the Confirm Password box below. When you have filled both boxes, click the Change Password button.

  11. You have now successfully signed up for a Pac Post Live account and you should see the Show Selection page below.

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